Friday, September 3, 2010

Musings Over Teh Chanz

Trolling for days, of course. Viewing things that force me to ask genuine philosophical question:

Why are we as a species so enamored with the suffering of others? Throughout the whole of the /b/ and, indeed, the world we seem to make great sport out of the suffering of others. Gore threads, Jessie Slaughter, laff and lose (involving pain, of course) are all huge topics that are never-ending. Now, I can completely understand the humor that comes from ironic justice (Jessie Slaughter) and people in general who dun goof'd, but it's when the suffering of others who don't ostensibly deserve it is where I am lost.

Personally, I find the suffering of innocents to be abhorrent at best but it seems to be a subject that people derive a great deal of pleasure from.


  1. It might be a way to get away from the reality of our own suffering and shortcomings in life.

    I dunno really.

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